17 oktober 2011

Futebol dá força!

Nu är projektidén godkänd! Projektet, Futebol dá força (Fotboll ger styrka), är nu officiellt ett samarbete mellan mig, Mocambikanska Fotbollsförbundet och Lurdes Mutola Foundation:

The project “Futebol dá força” (“Football gives strength”) is an initiative taken by the Swedish football coach Cecilia Andrén Nystrom in cooperation with the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF) and the Lurdes Mutola Foundation (FLM). The project aims at elevating the status of women in society through increasing young women’s selfconfidence and self determination. “Futebol dá força” organizes football teams for young girls (12-17 years) in schools in neglected areas. The teams become meetingplaces for girls where they not only train football but also recieve education about women’s rights and the hazards related to young marriages and pregnancies as well as HIV/AIDS. By using football as a tool, girls develop skills not only as football players but also as individuals, which in the long term elevates their status in society. Furthermore, the project aims at elevating the status of women’s football by associating the sport with schools, which improves the overall attitude and acceptance towards the sport. By creating a base with young players, women’s football becomes more sustainable and is able to expand and reach out to girls all over Mozambique.

Sådärja, let's do this!